5 best free website traffic checker

Best FREE Website Traffic Checker

Website is the modern way to promote your business worldwide by sending useful information to potential customers. Website traffic is a digital way to measure how many people are visiting your websites. Only visiting is not enough for a successful website, time of visitor stay plays a vital role in developing a website. The traffic checker will tell you how many visitors have visited your website and their time of stay.

Website traffic is many important for your business as a greater number of visits mean your access is increasing and potential customers are attracted to your websites. This will allow you to change your policies and preference according to the interest of customers and visitors.

A Free website traffic checker provides you with free access to your website analytics. Continuous analysis of any website will make you aware of what kind of material is attracting users to your website and how can you make it even better. For an online business, the progress of any website is measured by the number of buyers who buy using your website. This is measured in conversion rate.

Website traffic can be monitored both free and paid versions. If you have invested a lot in marketing that free website traffic checker can be useful for your business.

  1. Google search console

Google search consoleGoogle search console is one of the efficient and a reliable free website traffic checker.  This tool will provide the owner useful information regarding how his website is performing and what steps he can take to optimize websites performance. The most useful feature of this traffic checker is that you don’t need to log in daily for information.

Whenever some issue is found on your website, you will receive an email from the Google console team. Moreover, this tool can be used daily if you want to check the stability of new content on your website. To register yourself into the Google search console you have to verify ownership of the website, after this, all tasks are performed by this traffic checker.

Google search console as a free website traffic checker not only provides you clicks and impressions but also tells you the number of visitors and time of stay. Not only has this traffic checker tool also notified you about the problem your users are suffering while browsing. These all things contribute a lot in making any website best and relevant according to viewers and customers.  This tool also has a feature to keep you aware of load issues in your website and if there is any chance of hacking, thus keeping security with marketing at the same preference.

  1. Google analytics

Google AnalyticsGoogle analytics as a part of the Google marketing platform provides users free access to analytics and statistics of his website. This website is free and anyone with a complete Google account can use this free website traffic checker to monitor the website for marketing purposes. These analytics are extremely useful for the small website owner as they can improve their website depending on users’ choice and their retention time on a specific page.

Google Analytics has many features that can help make the website more productive. This tool gives you access to several visitors, time of stay, buying if you use affiliate marketing way. This free tool also gives you insight into the demographic value of visitors like country, gender, and age of people visiting your website. 

A most interesting feature of this free website traffic checker is displaying more than 200metrics. a metric I the quantitative measure of how your site is performing. These metrics include users that can be a unique or new user who visits your site for the first time. Another metric that is available in this tool is bounce rate which is measured by users who always command Google for a specific page.  This tool is free and easy to use with many other features like filtering, motoring, and visualization.

  1. PIWIK

piwikPeople with fewer budgets cannot invest more in paid website traffic analyzers as they have to invest in marketing tools. Marketing is fruitful or not this can be determined using PIWIK a free website traffic checker. For working on PIWIK you have to install this program and host it on your server. Just like other free traffic checker this tool also provides you with analytics conversion rates and many more. One of the distinct features of this free tool is its availability in mobile applications and unlimited data storage.

The only problem that can evolve is complexity in the dashboard, but it can be changed if you give proper time to this tool. With little patience and arranging widgets on the dashboard this tool can be used easily. Analytics are obtained in form of graphs and impressions. You can click at any point of the graph and easily view complete detail out there.

PIWIK is a free website traffic checker that marks its distinct place in traffic analyzer by providing separate analysis of browser and mobile devices. You can also take a test regarding your website speed and boost it up to maximize ease while browsing your website on a browser or mobile device. If you don’t have time to analyze and optimize the website regularly this free website traffic checker will inform you about all your statistics and performance through an email.

  1. Open web analytics (OWA)

Open web analytics (OWA)Open web analytics is another traffic checker too with many unique features to maximize the performance of your website. This free website traffic checker has many tools like PIWIKI and also enables the storage of unlimited data with no limitation of sites you are checking. Just like other tools this tool also gives you detailed access to unique visitors, bounce rate conversion, and time of stay.

One of the unique features of this tool is its arrow features that allow you to observe where your viewers have clicked on your page. A second unique feature of this tool is the access of you to see what your visitor has viewed before and after your website. This tool gives you detail of visitors’ view that is visible in your dashboard. Here you can see your visitor ID, pages viewed before and after.

You can also check the record of visitors of a customer and after how many times he visits your website.  Open web analytics also provide you with detail of keywords so you can maximize your search by using more competitive keywords. The document object model of this tool creates a code of user and will tell you when the user has clicked on a specific link or image. This is a free tool but some users may have concerns about this tool as it leads to more deep action tracking of visitors.

  1. SerpStat

SerpStatSerpStat is another free tool to analyze how your website is performing. Initially, this was a keyword search tool but now this can be used to analyze traffic on your website. For using SerpStat you have to create an account and then enter the name of the website you want to analyze and optimize depending upon the analytics. 

This free website checker provides you detail statistics regarding keywords. These statistics include what kinds of keywords are getting more clicks and what are not according to the interests of viewers.  A graph will display on your screen showing traffic trends for a month. You can click on a specific point to monitor complete details from time to country complete statistics.


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