What is window?

Windows is an operating system (OS) developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is the most widely-used operating system for personal computers and laptops. Windows provides a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows users to interact with their computer through the use of windows, icons, and menus. It also includes a wide range of built-in features and applications, such as the Internet Explorer web browser, the Microsoft Office Suite, and the Windows Media Player. Windows supports a wide range of hardware and software, and is compatible with many different devices, such as printers, scanners, and cameras. Windows can be used for tasks such as personal productivity, gaming, and multimedia. The most current version is Windows 11, but older versions such as Windows 10 and Windows 8 are still in use.

Versions of windows

version of window

There have been several versions of Windows operating system released by Microsoft over the years. Here are a few of the most popular versions:

  1. Windows 1.0: This was the first version of Windows, released in 1985. It was a simple graphical operating system shell that ran on top of MS-DOS.
  2. Windows 2.0: This version was released in 1987 and included support for improved graphics and expanded keyboard support.
  3. Windows 3.0: Released in 1990, this version was the first widely successful version of Windows and introduced virtual memory management and support for virtual devices.
  4. Windows 95: This version was released in 1995 and was a major overhaul of the previous versions. It introduced the now-iconic Start menu and support for long filenames.
  5. Windows XP: Released in 2001, Windows XP was a popular version of Windows and was used on many personal computers and laptops.
  6. Windows Vista: Released in 2006, this version of Windows introduced a new visual style and improved security features.
  7. Windows 7: This version was released in 2009 and was a popular version of Windows, known for its improved performance and user interface.
  8. Windows 8: This version was released in 2012, and it introduced a new touch-optimized interface, and support for tablets and hybrid devices.
  9. Windows 10: This version was released in 2015 and is the current and latest version of Windows, with regular updates and new features.
  10. Windows 11: This version was released in 2021 and is designed to work seamlessly across multiple devices and will include new features such as a redesigned Start menu, improvements to virtual desktops, and integration with Microsoft’s cloud-based services. Windows 11 also bring new design changes, a new taskbar, and new features to the task manager, and a new action center, among other things. Also, it will be optimized for touch screen devices and will feature a new “Sun Valley” visual design. It’s also designed to improve battery life and performance on laptops and tablets.

Each version of Windows builds upon the previous one, adding new features and improvements to the operating system, and addressing security and performance issues.

Steps to Download Windows For Free

Now learn the steps involved in download windows for free. By following these steps you can download any window including windows 10, windows 8.1, windows 7 etc.

Step#1. Open any web browser and search for “heidoc windows iso downloader”. Click on the 1st link with title “Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool – HeiDoc.net”.

search heidoc windows iso downloader

Step#2. Upon opening the website. Please scroll download to the section called “Download: Windows-ISO-Downloader.exe” and then click on it to download.

scroll to download

Step#3. Once downloaded. Please open the folder containing this file.
Step#4. Double click on the downloaded file. Please select your desired window and also select edition of it. (In my case it’s “Windows 10” and edition is “Windows 10 Home/Pro”. Upon confirming, please select relevant language. (In my case its “English”.

Please select the window you are using and also select edition of it

Step#5. Once you confirmed your desired Window and its edition. Please select your “System Type”. (In my case it’s “64-bit Operating system”. You can find this from your Computer/My PC properties)

Select system type

That’s it. Now you will have your required/desired version of windows.

Use of window

windows operating system

Windows is a widely-used operating system that is used for a variety of tasks on personal computers and laptops. Some of the most common uses of Windows include:

  1. Personal productivity: Windows provides a range of built-in features and applications that can be used for tasks such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and email. Many people use Windows to create and edit documents, track finances, and manage their calendar and contacts.
  2. Gaming: Windows is a popular platform for video games, with many popular titles available for Windows PCs.
  3. Multimedia: Windows includes built-in features and applications for tasks such as playing music and videos, editing photos and videos, and creating digital art.
  4. Internet: Windows provides access to the internet through the Internet Explorer web browser, and also allows users to access a wide range of web-based services, such as online banking, social media, and online shopping.
  5. Business: Windows is widely used in business settings, and is compatible with a wide range of business software, such as accounting and project management programs.
  6. Education: Windows is used in many educational settings, and is compatible with a wide range of educational software, such as learning management systems, and other education-related tools.

Overall, Windows is a versatile operating system that can be used for a wide range of tasks, from personal productivity and entertainment, to business and education.

Difference between window and iOS

window vas ios

 Windows and iOS are both operating systems, but they have some key differences:

  1. Platform: Windows is designed to work on personal computers and laptops, while iOS is designed to work on mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads.
  2. User interface: Windows uses a traditional desktop interface, with a taskbar and multiple windows that can be open at the same time. iOS, on the other hand, uses a more simple and streamlined interface, with a focus on touch-based navigation and a limited number of screens that can be open at the same time.
  3. App Store: Windows has the Microsoft Store, where users can download and purchase apps, games and other software. iOS has the App Store, where users can download and purchase apps and games specifically for iOS devices.
  4. Hardware compatibility: Windows is compatible with a wide range of hardware, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and even some mobile devices. iOS, on the other hand, is only compatible with Apple’s iPhones and iPads.
  5. Software compatibility: Windows is compatible with a wide range of software, including both Windows-specific software and software designed for other operating systems. iOS is more limited in terms of software compatibility, as it only runs apps and software that have been specifically designed for iOS.
  6. Security: Windows has a reputation for being less secure than iOS, but with the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has put a lot of effort into addressing security issues and vulnerabilities. iOS is generally considered to be more secure than Windows, due to Apple’s strict app review process and closed ecosystem.
  7. Customization: Windows allows for more customization options than iOS, allowing users to personalize the look and feel of their operating system. iOS has a more limited range of customization options, with the focus on simplicity and consistency.

In summary, Windows and iOS are different operating systems that are designed for different types of devices and have different features and capabilities. Windows is a general-purpose operating system for PCs and laptops, while iOS is a more specialized operating system for mobile devices.

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