Method 1: How to Change Wix Website Name through Wix Dashboard

  • Log in to your Wix account and open the dashboard of the website you want to rename.
  • Look for the “Site Actions” button in the top or side menu and click it to reveal a dropdown menu.
find site actions and click rename

  • Select “Rename Site” from the dropdown menu to open a dialog box.
  • Enter the new name for your website (1-20 characters, without non-Latin characters).
change wix website name
  • If you are also looking to change the free domain address, click edit section of the “Site Address (URL)” and make necessary changes. We recommend you to keep same as the Wix website name.
change wix website url

Note: If you want to connect a custom domain according to your website or brand name. You need to purchase a domain name from Wix or another domain provider like Namecheap etc.

Method 2: How to Rename Wix Website through the Wix Owner App

  • Install and open the Wix Owner App on your mobile device.
download wix owner app

  • Log in to your Wix account with your email or you can use available social login option.
  • Locate the specific site you want to rename from top dropdown and tap on it to enter the site settings.
  • In the app’s bottom menu, tap on “Manage” and then tap on “Site & App” from the list.
click manage and then site apps

  • Once open, scroll down to “Mobile App” section and tap on “Customize”.
click customize

  • Now open the “General Info” section from this window.
click general info jpg e1708313053257

  • A popup will open and from there tap on “Customize”.
click to customize to change wix website name jpg e1708313182928

  • Now finally you are at the section where you can easily update your website’s “Name/Title”, “Subtitle” and also “Logo”.
change wix website name and logo according to your requirement

  • Tap “Save” at top right corner to save the modifications, and then the new name will be reflected in your site dashboard.


Changing the site name is free, but changing the domain name (the web address) may require purchasing a new domain if you don’t already own it. Wix offers a complimentary subdomain (, but for custom domains (, you’ll need to make a purchase or redirect if you have a domain with another domain provider like Namecheap etc.

Yes, it is possible to change your website name on Wix! And the good news is that modifying the name of your Wix website (the site name) is absolutely free and have some straight forward steps as mentioned above.

Wix provides a subdomain ( for all the website you create with Wix. And they also offer a free domain name for the first year as part of their hosting package.


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